Originating the West Village, the temaki bar Nami Nori in Williamsburg offers Japanese fine dining, with an interesting take on the sushi roll. Although their portions may look small, this temaki bar (hand-rolled sushi in the shape of a cone) will leave you feeling full and satisfied. The minimalist but elegant atmosphere, prepared us for a relaxing dining experience.

Nami Nori’s variety of sushi ranges from the classics, to vegan options, allowing people of different dietary restrictions a great meal.

Cherry Bomb Sour cocktail

To start, the “Cherry Bomb Sour” and “Matcharita” were light and refreshing signature cocktails, paired with their house favorite, Tuna Crudo appetizer. The slightly spicy fish was delicate, light, and a great way to introduce the entrees. A variety of Japanese-inspired snacks and appetizers are offered on the menu, along with a selection of beer, sake, and wine.

Fresh and tasty: Tuna poke roll and crispy salmon skin roll

Specializing in temaki, each entree came with five rolls either per set, or custom selected. The signature set was a delightful showcase of Nami Nori’s unique rolls featuring the tuna poke, a fresh, spicy, and crunchy filling with a crispy seaweed shell. For those who are vegan, the Japanese sweet potato roll had a delicious fluffy inside, crispy skin, and the perfect amount of sweetness.

Black sesame roll

To end the night, the chocolate chip sesame cookie at Nami Nori was decadent. Two gooey, warm cookies complemented with the salty topping of white and black sesame seeds, was the perfect dessert, also gluten free.

Nami Nori is located at 236 N. 12th Street, Williamsburg, BK 917-909-1299. In NYC, 33 Carmine Street, 646-998-4588, naminori.nyc.