Ever think of just falling off the grid for the holidays?

Imagine your own private stay in a modern, secluded boutique hotel with an authentic Thai restaurant on-site, with both Portuguese and Thai chefs. This beautiful countryside retreat is located in the southernmost area of continental Portugal, the Algarve. Magnificent nature, starry skies, and wilderness take center stage, just minutes from historic towns and villages, hidden bays, bird-filled lagoons, picturesque beaches, and mother nature’s most stunning Benagil caves, all the while enjoying plenty of sunshine and temperatures between 15°C and 19°C.

The California of Europe

Sequestered in this piece of the Algarve for you, your family, and your friends at this immaculate property. There’s space to eat outdoors and watch the sunset fall across the surrounding landscape, and the stargazing on the roof deck is brilliant if you can manage to stay up after all the scrumptious food and fresh air.

A holiday to remember

And while traditions are always tempting in their familiarity, you may want to exercise some different options this season.
Just think about it. No family arguments, work emails, or packed mall parking lots. Instead, it’s just you, the spacious countryside, and the Algarve’s tranquil coastline.

Looking for holiday ideas?

Whether you are looking for a beach getaway, an adventure, a city break, or a rewarding holiday experience, Mercedes Country House has you covered.

There is no doubt about it

Family holidays are some of the best holidays there are. There is nothing quite like spending quality time with your loved ones, discovering new places, and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Mercedes Country House was born out of a dream. A dream with fifteen years “We always wanted a space where we could receive people, just like we used to do at home. For that, this space had to have our identity and reflect our way of being and living.” -Miguel & Sofia

I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing the powers of Mercedes House.

DTM. How/why did you come up with the idea to rent out MCH for the 2023 holiday season?

MM: Last year, and for the first time, we had a family that rented the entire property for the Christmas week. They just booked the hotel and they decided to cater the Christmas Eve dinner and the Christmas Day lunch. However, they were not quite happy with the outside catering company. Therefore, we thought that it could be interesting to offer the all package: stay, activities, meals, and, most importantly, an authentic Portuguese Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas lunch. Usually, we are closed in December.

DTM: What makes MCH truly unique?

MM: I spent fifteen years thinking about this project. As responsible for the international business of an IT company, I traveled a lot and stayed in all sorts of different hotels all over the world and, despite being great hotels, they lacked that personal treatment. At MCH you can find a lot of personal details, For example, our rooms are named the most important wine regions in Portugal, because we love wine. At breakfast, all the jams are done at MCH. We are 100% organic, we don’t use any chemicals in our orchard. These are just a few examples of what we like and you can find them at MCH.

DTM: Coming from Lisbon why did you choose the Algarve for MCH?

MM: When my wife finished her medical specialty, she was invited to work in a little town called São Brás de Alportel. The plan was to give it a try. However, once you live in the Algarve, you won’t leave anymore. I arrived in 2013 and in 2017 we opened MCH.

In the Algarve you get great weather (the best in all Portugal), great fish and shellfish, peace, safety, and clean air, … I mean, it’s the perfect place to live and raise your children.

DTM: You are a stickler for details, and offering excellent service, what are 3 areas one should never neglect, and what drives you?

MM: Quality, concern, and friendship. When I say quality, I mean quality in everything: comfortable rooms, food, wine, cleaning, and attention to detail,… Concern means that we want our guests to have an exceptional stay, so we make sure that they get everything they want in order to achieve that. Friendship means that we see our guests as friends. We are not intrusive, but we are always available to talk, listen, and share a meal. To give an example, we met the Godparents of my youngest daughter at MCH, from friends they became family,

DTM: For someone who has never visited Portugal, what would you say makes Portugal exceptional? ( your answer can include Portugal as a whole or just the Algarve)

MM: Safe country, with diverse geography, diverse architecture, rich in culture and history (one of the oldest countries in the world), Great food, great wine, and friendly people,… Portugal it’s unique.

This magnificent property, in addition to being a charming hotel in the Barrocal Algarve, is a family space that will allow you to feel at home, away from home. This special holiday location will allow you to set up a base to possibly discover the Western and Eastern Algarve. – Miguel & Sofia


Sofia, Salavador & Miguel


Your holiday itinerary

7-night stay with 9 rooms available for family and friends at this beautiful boutique hotel
authentic Portuguese Christmas dinner on the 24th
superb lunch on the 25th.
daily breakfast
good weather
tranquil rest
children and pet-friendly

Optional extras:
authentic Thai food on-premises (non-Christmas days) prepared by Ray Payrad, our award-winning Thai chef 
excellent choice of wines selected from the owner’s personal wine cellar
beautiful beaches with breathtaking cliffs overlooking sandy coves
best water parks
Jeep safari tours
historic tours
luxury private driver to and from the airport
rental car or van for daily excursions
bespoke private yacht with a stop for lunch at a beachfront restaurant with fresh fish

Create your agenda for wine tastings, cooking workshops, personalized yoga, daily massage, personal spa services, and golfing on the most prestigious courses in Europe. Plus personal concierge to assist you with all your needs.

You and Mercedes Country House will create your personal holiday agenda, customized with every detail to your preference.

This year, make it a holiday to remember at Mercedes Country House!

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