French interior designer and sustainability expert Laurence Carr recently unveiled Studio Laurence—her new, NYC-based, luxury home goods brand, and its inaugural Capsule Collection of sustainable, sculptural vessels, created in collaboration with Nature’s Legacy. The launch took place at the New York Design Center’s Verellen’s showroom.

The cradle-to-cradle collection embodies mindful luxury, employing closed-loop, zero-waste processes and production methods that mitigate environmental harm while showcasing serious attention to style. The vessels, “named after flowers and birds,” says Carr, vary in shapes, size, texture, composed of surprisingly lightweight, durable biomaterials.

Studio Laurence’s SwanII vessels.

“The Studio’s mission is to design with finite resources in mind and produce contemporary, artful objects and furnishings in harmony with nature, not at its expense,” Carr emphasizes.

Laurence Carr

Born in France and educated at Paris Université VIII and Parsons The New School in NYC, Laurence’s global influences comes from years living in Europe, Australia, and Asia before moving to the US and founding her design studio in NYC.

In June, Carr will be be speaking at the United Nations, with the Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network. 

In addition, Carr is the creator, executive producer, and host of Chez Laurence, an original series on EarthxTV that expands on the urgent need for sustainable innovation within the industry.

Carr is now working on Capsule Collection 2, which will launch in September, at Paris Design Week. @laurencecarrinc