Courtesy of LAWLESS Beauty

Today, feeling beautiful in your own skin is the goal. People are constantly viewing themselves in the mirror wondering if they look good enough, leaving them quick to spend endless amounts of money on the “best” lip filler or the “best” lip plumper out there. However, what if I told you there is a product that will change the way you view your lips and will not have you wasting your money again?  

Meet Annie Lawless, owner and founder of LAWLESS Beauty. She created her clean beauty line back in 2017 and since then it has exploded, leaving many feeling confident and committed to the brand.  

Photo: LAWLESS Beauty

The concept behind the brand was to create something that not only looks good, but is also made from the cleanest ingredients, leaving your skin unharmed. 

Her new Forget the Filler product in fragrance Cherry Vanilla began with the idea of that old-school retro feel of cherry ChapStick. Everyone knows the staple cherry ChapStick between having a bunch in your backpack or leaving that one ChapStick in your car, everyone loved the signature flavor.  

The reason LAWLESS’s lip mask and lip-gloss are like no other is due to the ingredient maxi-lip. Maxi-lip is special because it is clinically proven in clinical studies by dermatology manufacturers which made the ingredient so compelling to Annie. Reason being is that this leaves your lips tingle free, meaning other plumper’s and glosses leave your lips having a temporary tingle and burn making it feel like it is doing something to your lips when it is just being used for an effect and it is not necessary.  

Lip- Plumping Mask in shade Sweet Dreams Photo: LAWLESS Beauty

Other brands use ingredients such as peppermint oil, gingerroot and other things that can give the formula that lip plump effect which causes the slight burn one feels once applying the application.  

During the LAWLESS Forget the Filler Cherry Vanilla online seminar, Annie was asked what excites her about working in the clean beauty space she responded by saying, “Clean is fun for me mostly because it hasn’t really been done the way we are doing it.” 

She first got into the clean beauty concept after she started noticing how consumers pay more attention to the ingredients used at her juice company Suja Juice because people wanted to put good ingredients into their body.  

Annie states, “I feel like we really get to innovate and trailblaze and do different things that people haven’t seen before and it is challenging but there is something fun when you hit it and have something that people love.” 

The reason it is important to have such a clean formula for lip masks and lip-glosses is because we eat it. When we apply lip products, drink out of straws, even talk to others, we are constantly consuming the products more so than our other beauty products. Due to this, the product is constantly going into our body so we want to consume only the best ingredients for ourselves and having a product that has nothing, but the best ingredients will benefit our health down the line, making LAWLESS lip products safe and consumer friendly.  

Photo: LAWLESS Beauty

Every beauty lover’s dream is to create products that have everlasting scents creating a strong consumer connection to a moment they had which entices the client to the brand forming a strong bond. However, the process of creating scents that are clean is the tricky part.  

Annie goes on to tell us that clean scents are tough to create because it takes more time and is not as quick compared to other brands. For instance, other brands that use artificial fragrances just must get their hands on the fragrance library from the lab and create the smell because the chemicals are already available making the coconut smelling product instantly.  

When you are creating a fragrance for a clean beauty product, you play with the scents which can be a hit or miss. 

What Annie does is she gives the lab her directions to create the scent of choice and from there, she plays around with the percentages. For instance, when she wanted to create her latest scent of cherry vanilla, she did not want it to be that fruity and she still wanted the warmth of the vanilla, so she played with the ratios to create the final scent.  

New Scent Cherry Vanilla Photo: LAWLESS Beauty

A key factor is making sure that the fragrance that is chosen works with the base cosmetics formula which creates the overall product. Making sure the product and scent work together is key for the product to be successful. If the balance is off, the product will not work, which means it is back in the lab fixing any problems.

Each scent depicts a different theme or event that has taken place in Annie’s life. Each scent is different than the next making each product stand out from the last. Not all the feature beauty products will have a foody or sweet smell due to the connection she makes with the scent.  

The stories and memories in one’s life form a strong connection with the fragrance of each product. For instance, a special occasion like one’s birthday or wedding may correlate with a scent of honey blossom or for holidays the nostalgic scent of cinnamon, making the fall season and thanksgiving come to mind.  

You see scents in cosmetics are extremely important because that is what entices the strong connection to the product, allowing not only the consumer to be happy but also help the product line to grow.  

The LAWLESS Forget The Filler in Cherry Vanilla is beyond unique and truly feels great on the lips. So, forget the lip filler and other plumper’s because this clean beauty brand is all the rave.