Founders of 4BYSIX Milo and Alex photographed by Cade Callen.

DOWNTOWN caught up with London-based 4BYSIX, a nonprofit whose endeavors in art, pizza, and fashion are creating a better tomorrow

4BYSIX is a nonprofit with the aesthetic of a fashion brand, which makes sense given that the brand started as a clothing line. 7 years later, they’ve switched their materials from fabrics to London bus panels which they sent all over the globe for artists to paint on and are currently up for auction online and at their latest pop up gallery at 80 W. Broadway. All of the profits from this show will go directly toward combatting London’s homelessness crisis. While they’ll still do fashion collaborations from time to time, their focus is less on material and more on projects which are fueled by upcycling; in other words, reusing discarded material to create a product of higher quality. 

Whether it’s converting old London busses into shelters, painting on discarded hand bags, or starting a pop-up pizza kitchen to feed unhoused people, 4BYSIX has a track record of utilizing creativity to uplift disadvantaged people. 

“The idea of 4BYSIX is to just help everyone involved from every angle,” says Milo Phillips, one of the founders. 

Their exhibit at 80 w Broadway runs from  June 15th-16th